Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On a Mission for God (Luke 9: 1-6)

“Then they set out and went from village to village proclaiming the good news and curing diseases everywhere.” Luke 9: 6

In this Gospel passage, Jesus sends out the twelve apostles to proclaim the Good News and bring salvation and healing to the people. It is also a passage about trusting in God, since He commands them to not take food, or money with them and to eat whatever people give them.

I think sometimes we worry that if God call us to proclaim the Good News, we have to travel far from home, or be a bug-eating missionary in some jungle in Africa. Or maybe we find that kind of adventure glamorous and it appeals to us. But I recently read that Mother Teresa would often tell people who wanted to work with her in Calcutta to find their own “Calcutta’. She said that every part of the world had people who were unloved, unwanted or uncared for. It wasn’t that she didn’t need help in Calcutta, but she knew that there was need in more places in the word than just Calcutta.

What is your mission from God? I don’t know about the future, but perhaps right now you can begin with a simple look around your home, school, parish or community to find the “Calcutta” near you. Love the unloved kid that everyone makes fun of. Cry with the girl who was used by her boyfriend. Help someone in need. Jesus looks for us to be His hands and His feet and the hearts of many can be cured by Him if we will be His messengers.

Dear Jesus, help me to be open today to seeing my world through Your eyes and see the “Calcutta” in my midst. Give me the grace to love the unloved, want the unwanted and care for the uncared for. I want to do any mission You have for me Jesus. Amen.

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